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Beaches of Nice


A Day at the Beach


On the seven kilometer long coastal stretch that is the Promenade des Anglais, there are 15 private and 20 public beaches, so surely there is something for everybody.


Bad news is, ALL the beaches in Nice are pebbled. So unless you are on a tight budget or simply don’t like the idea of a beach day and fancy just a dip in between your other activities, for the comfort, do check the private beach clubs where you can rent a sunbed. Since plenty of them are just few steps from the town, you don’t have to eat in their restaurants (sneak out to the town but please do not bring your own food). We are mentioning just few of our favorite private ones that are real close to the Old Town and two located outside of Nice.


Public Beaches



Promenade des Anglais


The public beaches along the Promenade are nestled in between the private ones. There is not much of a difference, maybe just worth to mention that five of them are labeled as “beaches without tobacco” with the support of the League against the cancer; Centenaire, Voilier, Bains Militaires, Lenval and Saint Hélène Beach.


Two public beaches are specially equipped to make access to the seas easier for the physically challenged, they are Centenaire and Carras.

“Audioplage” at Carras is a a special beach for visually impaired persons.

The calmest waters are to be found next to the Castel Beach Club, at the bottom of the Château, perhaps best if you are not the most comfortable swimmer or have kids with you.

As for the safety, please take caution of your belongings, if with somebody, take turns going into the sea, if alone do not bring any valuables to the beach (or after some observation ask a kind neighbor to look after your bag while swimming).


Coco Beach


Coco beach is little less glamorous than its name suggests, yet still an absolutely stunning beach and a popular hangout for locals who don’t fancy the crowds of tourists at Promenade des Anglais.


Located in a mainly residential area, about 15 minutes walk from the Port, (follow Boulevard Franck Pilatte onto Avenue Jean Lorraine). First you are going to pass a little pebbled beach Bains Militaires next to the Club Nautique of Nice keep walking ahead. Coco is not a typical pebbled beach, instead you will find a rocky peninsula with a winding path and slightly flatter areas just about big enough for your beach towels. Several of these flat zones have ladders for making it more convenient to get into the water, so you feel like submerging into a giant swimming pool. You will see fearless kids jumping into the sea from the large rock outposts all afternoon, older bathers soaking up the sun, snorkelers exploring the reef, families enjoying their picnics, friends sharing a cold bottles of rosé, if you like people watching you will entirely enjoy this beach. It is not entirely kid friendly, as due to its exposure it often gets powerful waves, so be cautious. Lifeguards are present during the peak summer period. Take note there are no shops or small cafés nearby so it is better to pack some stuff with you. Several showers are available.


There are also great spots for snorkeling here if you have your gear with you. A beautiful coastal path continues from Coco Beach to Cap de Nice which we highly recommend for an afternoon stroll. In case you are wondering about the burned down establishment just above the Coco Beach…a legendary restaurant Coco Beach that has been owned by the same family since 1936 went tragically on fire in July 2017 on a night of its grand reopening. It was much loved by celebrities such as Bridget Bardot, Alain Delon and Romy Schneider and famous for its seafood. Hopefully it will return.



Private Beaches in Nice



Castel Beach Club

8 Quai des Etats Unis, 06300 Nice, +33 (0)4 9385 22 66, www.castelplage.com


Nestled under the Park de Château, protected by a cliff from the easterly winds, Castel Plage always guarantees a calmer sea and a good beach day. Friendly and fun service

The beach lounge is opened from April to October between 9.00 – 19.00. The restaurant serves fresh Provençal cuisine with main courses ranging from around  €26 to €36, bottles of wine starting at €25 and cocktails from €12 up. Kid’s main courses will cost you €13 and a basket of chips €5. The rates for the lounge chair are €19 full day/€16 half day, €5 for the umbrella and €5 for beach towel.


For reservations call the Club or email castel.plage@orange.fr


Beau Rivage

107 Quai des Etats Unis, 06300 Nice, Tel: +33 (0)4 9247 8282, www.plagenicebeaurivage.com


The rates start from €20 per sun lounger for full day (€5 extra if you prefer the first row), €15 for half day. €5 extra for the parasol or towel.


The beach restaurant serves fresh fish, salads, pizza, sandwiches and finger food, kids menu is available at €12.50. Bottles of wine start at €29, cocktails from €13 and a bottle of beer €8.50. The Beau Rivage beach is within few steps from Vieux Nice so if you are little more budget minded, leave your towel at your lounger and head off to the old town for lunch.


Beau Rivage is a home to Nikaia Watersports center www.nikaiaglisse.com. You can try some parasailing (€80 for two for about 10 minutes), Fly Fish (€75 for three persons), Doughnut (€50 for two persons) and many other water activities.


Ruhl Plage

1 Promenade des Anglais, 06300 Nice, Tel: +33 (0)4 9387 0970



Ruhl Beach is one of the more family orientated beach clubs, a little more suitable for families, as it has a supervised kid’s pool with sea water. There are 80 private cabins with hot and cold showers available and the restaurant is serving a simple but fresh menu including salads, sandwiches, bagels, pastas, waffles and desserts starting at €10. Food is served from noon until 16.30.


The rental of the sunbed per day is €21


Private Beaches Near Nice



Paloma Beach

1 Route de Sainte-Hospice, 06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Tel: +33 (0) 4 9301 6471, www.paloma-beach.com


Paloma is without doubt one of the nicest private beach clubs on the Riviera, sat on a fine pebbled beach, crystal clear water, cool surroundings and a superb restaurant. It doesn’t come cheap but guarantees an unforgettable day at the beach.


Many celebrities visited legendary Paloma Beach since they’ve opened in 1948, including Winston Churchill, Ivana Trump, Jack Nicholson, Roger Moore, Tom Cruise, Sean Connery and Mick Jagger and a lot of visitors still come from from the super yachts anchored in nearby waters.


Rental rates are 26 € for the lounger (9:00 till 19:00) including mattress, warm shower and changing room, (extra towel for 7 €).


The restaurant is open every day from the Easter to the end of September. It specializes in grilled fish, fresh from the day, local delicacies and traditional cuisine. It is recommended to book ahead.


There is a possibility of water sport equipment rental such as paddle board,jet ski, wakeboard and many other organized by the beach club, for possibilities and rates check www.capferratwatersports.com


Update June 2018 – Paloma is currently battling a statewide dismantling order for occupying public land without authorization according to the authorities. It remains open but we recommend calling in advance to confirm.



Deli Bó

17 Promenade des Marinieres, 06230 Villefranche sur Mer, +33 (0)4 9362 9950


At the beginning of the promenade is the only private beach club in Villefranche sur Mer,  Deli Bó. It has a very popular sister café in Nice and wait for it…this is a sandy beach…so no wonder that during the summer you need to book at least a day ahead to get your spot. Serving an excellent and fresh food and cocktails, the loungers are just few steps from the cooling sea and the views are fantastic,so if you want a beach day with comfort, this might be your choice. There is a play area for the kids as well. A lounger costs €20 per day, €6 extra for the umbrella.





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