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Lignes d’Azur – Urban Buses and Trams

Côte d’Azur Metropole Transport Network is the local public transport agency operating urban buses and trams in the area. Inexpensive, frequent and somewhat reliable (outside of strike days that French love so much), it is your best way to get around the city and short distances from Nice. The destinations, numbers of the buses and timetables can be checked on their website that has an English language option www.lignesdazur.com.  The tram is easy to operate, as it has only one line now (May 2018), more lines are to be added soon. The tram has two directions, marked at the top of the tram – Henri Sapia and Hôpital Pasteur.

Tickets and fares

Solo – Single € 1.50
A single ticket allows you to take one journey on the urban bus or a tram with a possibility of using another connection (must be within 74 min from stamping your ticket in the very first vehicle and cannot be used as a return ticket – tram only). Simply said, you can hop off and back on the tram several times but only within 74 minutes and only if going same direction. Eventually you can combine a tram and a bus or vice versa, again, must be within this time. Do not forget to validate your ticket each time you enter vehicle.

Pass 1 Jour – 1 Day Ticket € 5.00
Unlimited travel within 24 hours of registering your first journey. Can be used on both trams and urban buses.

Multi 10 Voyages – Multi 10 Journeys € 10.00
The advantage of this ticket is that it can be shared between 2 and more persons (remember though to validate your ticket according to the number of your group). Again, this ticket can be used for multiple connections within 74 minutes (in this case, validate just once for the whole group).

Pass 7 Jour – 7 Days Ticket € 15.00
Unlimited travel pass for a week on urban buses and trams.

Aéro – Airport Ticket € 6.00
One-way ticket for bus number 98 and 99 from or to the airport with a possibility of using the same ticket for another connection (urban bus or tram).

Useful Information while on board

Always validate your ticket on board of the vehicle, even when you purchase a ticket from a bus driver. The inspections of the tickets onboard are done regularly and penalties are steep.

All children under 4 years travel for free, two children under 10 years can travel with a single Solo ticket.

The tickets and passes can be bought at a ticket machine beside each tram stop (only coins or credit cards are accepted, no bills), in the Lignes d’Azur offices (Jean Jaurès – 4 Bd. Jean Jaurès, 06300 Nice, Thiers -17 Av. Thiers, 06000 Nice, Notre-Dame – 1 Rue d’Italie, 06000 Nice), or with a driver on board on the buses only.

Your travel passes are valid only to a certain destination. For example, on the bus 100 traveling to Monaco, you can only use it as far as Cap d’Ail, on busses 200 and 500 only as far as Cagnes sur Mer and on the bus 400 only up to Vence. The ticket for the further destinations on these buses still cost only €1.50 but must be purchased with the bus driver.

Dogs are allowed free of charge with a muzzle on but always seek the driver’s permission.

For your own safety, beware of the pickpockets, keep your belongings near you as the theft on the busy trams is not unusual. In case of the theft contact nearest office of Lignes d’Azur.

Useful Applications to Download

Lignes d’Azur Mobile – the official app for the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropole transport network. Find all the information you need about Lignes d’Azur, up-to-date travel times, itinerary searches, network maps, traffic disruptions information. Apple iOS | Android

Urban Pulse – application which integrates all the information and services to allow you to be aware in real time of everything that’s happening close to you. It allows you to get where you want to be easily using the fastest means of transport. Android | Apple iOS

Nice to Monaco – Number 100

The bus 100 – Monaco / Menton is one of the most stunning bus ries you will most likely ever take, if you can try to sit on the right hand side of the bus as the 45 minute trip drives along the coastal road allowing for some spectacular vistas (one of the reasons not to take the 100x as it goes along a faster route and only saves 10 mins).

With the current works for the new tramline ongoing the bus starting and pickup points have been altered. You can meet the bus in the Port at the bus stop Le Port Buy a ticket with the driver, as your multi ticket/daily or weekly pass excludes Monaco. The price is still very budget friendly €1.50.


Nice to Eze – 82

Other than by car the only way to Eze Village is by bus. Don’t get mixed up between Eze and Eze-sur-Mer. Eze is a hilltop village and Eze-sur-Mer is a coastal town.

From Nice, take Bus 82 to Eze. It goes from the bus station called Vauban (16 Avenue des Diables Bleus, 06300 Nice)

Nice to Vence – Number 400

Bus number 400 leaves from the bus stop called Albert 1er not far from Hotel Meridien (check the schedule on Lignes d’Azur website here). The journey takes up to one hour. Ticket costs €1.50, note that multi passes can not be used on this journey.

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